Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nicole Spence: She Stuck Her Finger in My Booty!

Hey guys,
I know I'm late but Let's get busy( in my Aresenio Hall voice! Lol),
I have an interesting Dear Nicole letter read below:
the other night while getting some head from my girl she tried something new and stuck a finger in my azz and i nutted like i never before and it felt really good but i don't want her to think I'm gay or something how do i tell her i really liked that shit damm why did it feel so good? i need to know because if felt so fucking good but i'm no fag is that acceptable? thanks
Wow!! My first reaction is that you're not gay! But Let's be clear if a man that I'm seeing asked me to put a finger in his booty, I would immediately think his ass was gay!!
I mean that's just a hell of a request!
But you didn't ask for it, your girlfriend just tried something new and it turns out you dig it! It's actually kinda cool, that you guys are delving into uncharted territory like that. Sounds freaky but she is teaching you about your body. So that's cool! And I don't think you have to tell her how much you liked it, I'm sure she can tell by your reaction! Shooot if she likes to "Rep her city" as much as I do, she'll be doing that shit again and again for that same explosive reaction! Congrats!!
The flip side to that shit is,
I'm wondering if this is something you'll want all the time, now that you've been let's face it turned out! Ya'll remember Jameson the guy from the Swinger club, well he too told me about his girlfriend's need to put something in his ass!!" WHY"??? WTF?? Chicks want dicks now?? "WHY??" I'm cool on that shit all together, no thanks! I'll keep my pretty lotus flower!
So of course I'm wondering if this finger in the booty thing is going to or has it already spread like a freaking epidemic?? Shit balls ain't enough, now you guys need a finger insertion to get off?? Ahhh its like that Chris Rock joke, " Don't blame him, blame the nasty bitch before you, that's why he wants to do all that nasty shit!" Lol!
I don't know ass play has just never been my cup of tea. My ex tried that finger in my booty and I just don't like it! I rather have a "Salad", if you know what I'm talking about!! Lol So he can forget about anal sex all together!
Come to find out not all of my girls share my feelings about thinking back shots are enough, and I don't need it in my ass literally!
One of my younger girlfriends opened up to me because of this very topic! Apparently, she used to give her Ass to her man a bit too often she now realizes! He never once ate her pussy(remember her from " Are you rocking the Mic, and he's refusing to spit a verse!"), but he always wanted to do it in her butt! But she confessed that after doing in her butt for a while, her butt began to want it!! "WTF??!!! He turned me out she screamed!! WTF is all I can say!!! I watch a lot of porn ( stop judging me lol) and those big ol assholes look very scary and nasty to me! Nope nope not me! And how long does it take for your asshole to go back to normal? You ass givers holla at me! Lol
See man all that Ass play sounds very suspect to me!!! Is the Ass the new Pussy??
Hmmm this got me thinking, how did the finger insertion take place what position?? Were you laying down with her sucking and licking and then she cocked your legs back like a girl? Did she lick the area and then insert? Or was she on her knees and kept licking underneath and then made her way there and popped her finger in?? And which finger is she using? Was it one or two fingers? I need to know it all damn it!!
Alas there is no doubt about my friend your girlfriend has definitely opened up a door, but now that its open you never know what she might try next a finger could lead to a.... you know!!
But if you like it, I love it, so continue..and share with me!!! :-)
Tell the truth fellas do you like a little finger in your Anus? Lol. Ladies do you fantasize or have tried to stick your finger in your man's Ass?
Ps I really want to know how she went about inserting the finger, so hit me back buddy ;)


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