Monday, March 24, 2008

Governor Bill Richardson Important and Affectionate Endorcement of Senator Obama

We have a chance during this election to form an unbeatable combination of voters of all colors, races, ages, and economic classes to win the White House in 2008. Oh yes we can!!! Thank you Governor Richardson for your fine endorsement of Senator Obama.

Vera Richardson is the author of “A Case of Racial Discrimination and Retaliation Real or Imagined."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton puts McCain above Obama - Complete

One of the comments to my recent posting included statements that Obama would be wise to accept the Vice President’s position with Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket. I disagree because this country needs new leadership and a new vision. Obama doen’t need to intern under Hillary Clinton nor do he need her on his ticket for the Presidency. To support my position I draw your attention to two facts about the Clintons and their old divisive and secretive ways of winning.

News Headline number 1 - Archivists Block Release of Clinton Papers
Federal archivists at the Clinton Presidential Library are blocking the release of hundreds of pages of White House papers on pardons that the former president approved, including clemency for fugitive commodities trader Marc Rich.

Officials with the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., criticized Sen. Clinton this week for not doing more to see that records from her husband's administration are made public. "She's been reluctant to disclose information," Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod told reporters in a conference call where he specifically cited the slow release records from the Clinton library. "If she's not willing to be open with (voters) on these issues now, why would she be open as president." Hillary is also stalling about releasing their old tax returns.

News Headline number 2 – Mark Penn, chief stategist for Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain top political advisor Charlie Black are business partners. Penn is the CEO of Burson-Marsteller, which is one of the largest public relations firms in the world. Clarlie Black is the Chairman of BKSH which is a lobbying subsidiary of Burson-Marsteller.

One of the noted client of Burson-Marsteller is Blackwater. In 2007, Blackwater a private security firm was accused of killing several Iraqi civilians. Blackwater hired BKSH to help them with their image after the Iraqi civilans claims. The firm was also hired by
Countrywide Financial to address their image problems after downsizing and the increased numbers of foreclosures.

The lobbying firm of Burson-Marsteller wins if either Senator Clinton or Senator John McCain are elected as the President of the United States of America. This explains Hillary’s attacks on Obama that states that only she and McCain are qualified to be the next President.

Americans must not be fooled by a public relations firm and the Clintons. We must continue to support and embrace Senator Barack Obama and his quest to become a President for all Americans. OH YES WE CAN!!!

Vera Richardson is the author of “A Case of Racial Discrimination and Retaliation Real or Imagined."

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The sizzling affairs of Hollywood female stars have exposed a startling trend - more and more women are cheating on their partners. For years men have been regarded as home-wreckers - quickly rushing into the arms of a new mistress. Now female celebrities have shown that women are almost as likely to carry on a secret liason. And women are becoming very bold about it.

Men have always been associated with affairs. But nowadays women are getting the same opportunities to have affairs and they expect better quality sex lives. Whether it’s a female college student who has no real concept of monogamy or a 21-year married veteran and mature mother of three, women are becoming more bold about their newfound sexual freedom.Accurate stats on women’s infidelity are understandably hard to come by since – no surprise here – ladies aren’t always keen on ’fessing up to their extracurricular activities.

But it’s generally guesstimated that 14%-40% of married women have intimately tangoed with someone other than their husbands. In one unscientific yet telling poll at (the self-proclaimed “world’s largest database rating good and bad men”), women were asked if they had ever cheated. Of the more than 9,400 women who responded, 49% said they had. Another 26% said that they’d have no problem stepping out on their partners if they knew they could get away with it.But why is this all happening?

The easy answer is that women today have the same opportunities to cheat as guys always did. Not only do working women have the chance to mix and mingle with would-be lovers (both in the office and on business trips), but the Internet is filled with chat rooms and websites that blatantly court married men and women looking for a little something on the side. Even still, it takes more than mere opportunity to get a woman to slide between someone else’s sheets.

THE PRIMARY reason women cheat is because their needs are not being fulfilled. ‘Needs' cover all things within the emotional, sexual, mental and financial parameters of a relationship. However, these unmet needs manifest in a variety of ways. The following is a short list of reasons women give for cheating.

1. Women feel taken for granted. As wives and long-term partners, women get stuck in very humdrum roles of mommy and housekeeper and it's irresistible when they find someone who sees them as a sexual being rather than a person who is responsible for the washing and ironing.

2. Boredom. Many women are in pretty good marriages – things are good, the kids are fine, the husband’s okay – but she’s bored and needs some excitement,” And a casual affair may put some zing back in her days.

3. Not getting enough attention from their partner. Women, like men, love attention. Women are often left to deal with domestic issues on their own, and are taken for granted by their men. The popular song 'Put that woman first', by R&B artist Jaheim, comes to mind. In the song he notes that if it weren't for the football games on Sundays, his job, hanging with his friends, he'd remember to spend time with his girl. In response to his neglect, she cheats.

4. Money. Yes, there you have it. Some women complain that their men are not supplying them with enough money. Their solution is to find another guy who will shower them with, not love, but money.

5. Many men get sexually lazy and no longer please her partner. They no longer engage in foreplay and do very little guarantee that sex is good for their partners. If the man’s bedroom performance is less than pleasing, some women will look elsewhere. Many cheating women list this as one of their main reasons. Their favorite coined phrase to justify their wrong is “He was giving me what I needed.” So, for a number of women, an affair is sexually satisfying and emotionally rewarding.

6. Revenge. Many women cheat as a retaliation against their cheating partners. It’s the “He hurt me, I’m gonna hurt him” syndrome. They hold the notion that men have got away with hurting women for too long and it is time that women return the 'favour'.

7. Many women cheat because they want to enjoy one of the 'liberties' that men have always enjoyed: sex with multiple partners without the societal baggage. Self-fulfillment has become the new holy grail of the modern female sexual being. In fact, infidelity is merely a blow against the oppressive traditional tyranny of gender roles. And so women cheat to emasculate men, to show the Good Ole Boys Club just who is in charge, even at the risk of having violence visited upon her head.

As you can see, the reasons for unfaithfulness vary. Commitment and monogamy no longer hold that sacred place within our relationships that it once did. Both men and women have come up with very elaborate reasons for why they stray. However, in order to have a loving and fulfilling relationship, it starts with couple’s having one firm and uncompromising reason for why they should stay (committed, that is).

If you want to know how to maintain the commitment needed and avoid cheating, tune in next week.