Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life at 80

Many peop;e think the 80 years of age means sitting on the sidelines....OH NO!! We 80 yr youngers are doing it by traveling and having the time of our lices. Recently I had the time of my life in San Andreas Columbia Away from the rain and other inclemet weather traumas. An all inclusive holiday with all the pina coladas I could drink and the best seafood on the continent. Come fly with me and live it up PS Sorry about the date on the pic. I havent learned how to set the right date and time yet....
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Steve Urkel, I mean Jaleel White Accused of Beating His Girlfriend?

Jaleel White: 'Family Matters' Star Accused of Domestic Violence


Jaleel White, better known as Steve Urkel from the television show, "Family Matters," was accused of beating his girlfriend, Bridget Hardy, who is also the mother of his 10-month old child.  She reported the abuse to the LAPD, stating that White punched her in her breast implants while they were on the highway driving in their car.

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